1. The Sound (MP063)
    Nomar Slevik

  2. The Beautiful Sound of Chaos (MP062)

  3. Braille Dive (MP061)

  4. la guerre ne fait que continuer (MP060)
    Monsieur Saï

  5. Ojibwa (MP059)
    Dakota & St. Pierre

  6. Apollo's Stamina (MP058)
    Mike Clouds

  7. Libertés Nomades (MP057)
    Dakota & Monsieur Saï

  8. Deeelicious! (MP056)
    Black Puddin'

  9. Mandala (MP055)

  10. Le Maitre (MP054)
    l'Empire du Sang

  11. Blooddrive Vol. 3 (MP053)

  12. The Healing Process (MP052)
    Nomar Slevik

  13. Friends With Money (MP050)
    C Money Burns

  14. Eponymous (MP049)
    La Mauvaise Humeur

  15. Songs For Marty (MP048)
    Brzowski & Monsieur Saï

  16. Faith In The Thief (MP047)
    Crunk Witch

  17. Soigne Tes Blessures (MP046)
    Monsieur Saï

  18. Det Postintellektuella Manifestet (MP045)

  19. From The Vaults (MP044)
    Various Artists

  20. A Fitful Sleep (MP043)

  21. Following Wild (MP042)
    Virtue & DJ Emoh Betta

  22. The End of Sacrifice (MP041)

  23. Fatalist (MP040)
    Misanthrop & THMS

  24. The Final Level (MP039)

  25. The Fade (MP038)
    One Distant Moment

  26. In The Field Where I Died (MP037)
    Nomar Slevik

  27. From The Floor Up (MP036)
    A-Frame & Mike Clouds

  28. 27 (MP035)
    MC Homeless

  29. One Night Between (MP034)

  30. Goose Bumps 4.0 (MP033)
    Various Artists

  31. Country Pink (MP032)
    Joel Siméus

  32. The Legends of Manicorn (MP031)
    Crunk Witch

  33. Minimal Message (MP030)
    Mike Clouds

  34. zoën (MP029)

  35. Never Trust The People (MP028)
    Little Eskimo Jesus

  36. Like Woe (MP027)
    Brzowski & Moshe

  37. The Capability Of Mechanical Gardens (MP026)

  38. Views From The Psychedelik Deathcab (MP025)
    lmntl819 & reindeer

  39. Goose Bumps 3.0 (MP024)
    Various Artists

  40. Was Never White (MP023)

  41. Beauty is But Skin Deep (MP022)

  42. The Tall Tales of Woody Oaks (MP021)
    Joel Siméus

  43. Hugely Overrated By A Tiny Few (MP020)

  44. Goose Bumps 2.0 (MP018)
    Various Artists

  45. Kiss The Stars (MP017)
    Brandon Miles

  46. s/t (MP016)
    Extendead Plunge Attempt

  47. Hold Yr Tongue (MP015)
    Various Artists

  48. A Safe Place To Play (MP014)
    Late Night Clouds Project

  49. A Haunter's Workshop (MP013)
    The Tules

  50. Volume 3 (MP012)
    JamesPHoney & zoën

  51. Goose Bumps (MP011)
    Various Artists

  52. Blown Speaker Project (MP008)
    Mike Clouds

  53. Maryshelleyoverdrive (MP007)

  54. Life With A Hangover (MP006)
    A-Frame & Mike Clouds

  55. Miles Away EP (MP005)

  56. Peasant (MP004)

  57. Tending To The Sheep (MP003)

  58. Milled Pavement Free Singles
    Various Artists


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