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The Subjugation of Bread (MP084)


Red Lanterns 03:37
Vi Coactus 04:00


Dallas-by-way-of-New-England prog-rap mainstay BRZOWSKI and lifelong Maine musician/producer C$BURNS have sculpted a collaborative relationship reaching back to 2012. An indie stalwart with many noteworthy credits under his belt, BRZOWSKI has not slowed his pace of peculiar catalog pieces in the space between solo offerings, while C$BURNS had made a name behind the screen as a vaporwave and outré hiphop producer. The lush yet spaciously constructed production provided by C$BURNS here is juxtaposed heavily against their last last fully-collaborative project, Vinyl Cape – The Glitter of Putrescence (Milled Pavement, 2016) which was a decidedly art-metal skewing affair. These sonic fusions of live instrumentation, forged artifacts and degraded source-material provide an arena for BRZOWSKI to unpack his penchant for dour verbosity, with both collaborators largely eschewing popular song-structure, and further mutating the hiphop music they employ as a launching point. Having collaborated on over a dozen releases, and touring heavily together, this bizarre mongrel of an album truly sounds like an effortless execution. The lyrical content of this politically-charged album platforms from the production palette, and notably absent any cheap sloganeering or preachy tone. The lyrics in turn illustrate and obscure intent under layers of densely-woven ballistics-grade poetry, the likes of which have garnered BRZOWSKI extensive critical praise over the past decade.

Societal collapse is a well-worn subject for this duo, as recently evinced on BRZOWSKI’s Blooddrive Vol. 4 (MilledPavement, 2019), C$BURNS’ NO HUMANS NO WAR (I Had an Accident, 2018), and the past releases of the aforementioned Vinyl Cape “band” project. The physical cassette release will be limited to 150 initial copies, with 100 copies packaged with a 30 page book containing lyrics, manipulated propagandist imagery, full credits, and a recommended reading list of the books and articles that influenced the creation of this album. While embracing and espousing heavy doses of Marxism/Leninism, Anarchist philosophy, and Situationist tactics, this hermetic and dense project not only examines the West and the U.S.A. as “Failed States”, but for the first time in their respective careers, criticism is coupled with a heretofore absent element: Possible Solutions.


released September 11, 2020

Produced by: C MONEY BURNS


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